Age Appropriate Make-Up

Skin Care Techniques

Ways To Dress

She’s All That participants will engage in discussions about the relationship between character development, self-esteem, body image and fashion/clothing choices. They wil learn basic rules of etiquette and acceptable behavior in social situations such as social/community gatherings, school, and job/school interviews. Through field trips, workshops and real world experiences they learn to build leadership skills and character traits such as honesty and personal accountability.

Event Planning and Coordination

Marketing and Promotions

Finance and Budgeting

Basic Leadership Skills

She’s All That Leadership Entrepreneurial Training Program trains participants through planning and execution of a bi-annual Community fashion show. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn and enhance skills in leadership, finance, and entrepreneurial training.

Group Mentoring

Guidance And Support Regarding Self-Esteem Character

Development Body Image Conflict Resolution

She’s All That mentors are women who care, women who listen, women who want to help young girls develop strengths they already have and identify new ones. Girls and their mentors will participate in a number of special events throughout the year focusing on the needs of the mentored participants. These caring and supportive relationships encourages girls to develop to their fullest potential and helps them to develop their own vision for the future.