Our  Mission:

​​To empower, inspire and educate girls through informative workshops, cultural outings and real world experiences. Girls will learn life skills, self-esteem, integrity, relationship building, conflict resolution, health and fitness and etiquette lessons.

Who We Are


She’s All That! was founded by Conchetta Jones in May 2012. Conchetta named the program She’s All That! after hearing the young ladies she was mentoring using the term in a negative way about other girls. They would say “she thinks she’s all that” whenever another young lady aspired to be the best she could be. Conchetta wanted girls to realize that thinking 'she’s all that' is not a negative thing but a very positive way to think.

She's All That! was founded on the premise that every young woman should have access to programs and activities that would inspire, empower and educate.

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